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Umoor Kharijiyah

About Umoor

Umoor Kharijiyah has a very important role to play in the overall progress of the Moze.

Along with building fruitful public relations, it also includes harmonious cooperation with all of society, loyalty to the nation, contribution in its progress and maintaining a positive identity for the community.

Some of the responsibilities of the committee in

their respective Mawaze are :

  1. Building and Maintaining Public Relations
  2. Organizing Events under Project Rise on important calender events such as Milaad, Tabudaat etc.
  3. Participation in Humanitarian Events and Projects
  4. Photography/ Article Writing etc.

Kharijiyah Team (Marol)

  • M. Murtazabhai Madarwala
  • Hozefabhai Dahodwala
  • Azizbhai Gandhi
  • Hozefabhai Colombowala
  • Burhanuddinbhai Taskin
  • Shk. Nooruddinbhai Tajir
  • Mohammadbhai Hinglawala
  • Shk. Abbasbhai Pittalwala
  • Ismailbhai Dahodwala
  • Yusufbhai Lokhandwala
  • Moayyadbhai Dahodwala
  • Huzefabhai Shakir

Recent Announcements from Umoor