Umoor Marafiq Burhaniyah

About Umoor

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) has tirelessly worked to uplift the living standards of Mumineen all over the world, especially their religious, economic, educational, household, health

and food standards.

The Umoor Marafiq Burhaniyah Committee will work in the light of these guidelines and strive to uplift Mumineen in every aspect of their lives.

Some of the responsibilities of the Committee in

their respective Mawaze are :

  1. Souq Al Ikhwan (Join now)
  2. Survey of the living standards of Mumineen
  3. Crowd Funding for Medical Emergencies (Contact to join in this initiative @ 9702558292)
  4. Mumineen Upliftment Khidmat during Upliftment Ayyam
  5. Mumineen Khabargiri
  6. Fostership/Mentorship
  7. Long term solution for holistic Upliftment of a Mumins household in all 6 Umoor

(Deen; Education; Nutrition; Health; Standard of Living; Livelihood)

Marafiq Burhaniyah Team (Marol)

  • Huzaifa Bhai Burhani
  • Murtaza Bhai Bharmal
  • M. Ebrahim Bhai Attarwala
  • M. Murtaza Bhai Madarwala
  • Huzefa Bhai Shakir
  • Moiz Bhai Ghadiali
  • Abdulqadir Bhai Kherodawala
  • M. Abdulqadir Bhai Jabalpurwala
  • Ebrahim Bhai Bootwala
  • Sakina Ben Wagh
  • Jamila Ben Burhani
  • Tasneem Ben Sitabkhan
  • Khadija Ben Bata

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