Umoor al-Qaza

About Umoor

Harmony and mutual understanding amongst Mumineen are the greatest factors of success.

The Umoor al-Qaza Committee should work

according to the tenets of Shariat to maintain peace and harmony of the community.

Some of the responsibilities of the committee in

their respective Mawaze are :

  1. Documentation
  2. Partnership Deed Filling
  3. Tafheem
  4. Counselling- Trying to find mutually agreed solutions
  5. Legal Advice

Al-Qaza Team (Marol)

  • M. Juzerbhai Bharmal
  • M. Juzerbhai Kanchwala
  • Shk. Saifuddinbhai Burhani
  • Shk. Fakhruddinbhai Chinwala
  • Shk. Saifuddinbhai Indorewala