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About Marol:

Marol (Marathi: मरोळ) is a part of the bigger suburb of Andheri (East) in Mumbai . Marol consists of the area Marol village, Saifee Park, Marol Naka, Marol Depot, Marol Maroshi Bus Station, Military Road, Marol Pipeline, Vijay Nagar, Bhavani Nagar, parts of JB Nagar, and parts of Marol MIDC.

Its proximity to the international airport makes it a prime business district. Located off the Andheri-Kurla and Andheri-Ghatkopar link roads, it has good east-west connectivity. The area was inhabited from ancient times, and came under the hands of the Portuguese and then the British.

Marol has the Marol-Maroshi Road stretching from Marol Naka up to Maroshi Naka (in Aarey colony), beyond which one can find the Picnic Spot.

Marol Mapkhan Nagar and the Marol Church Road are the two diversions, the latter one leads to Saifee Colony, as well as, leads to Marol Pipeline.

Marol has the Saifee Park Colony, a bustling neighborhood of Dawoodi Bohra residents, with Saifee Masjid, Hasanaat School and the Jamea’a tus-Saifiyah. Spread over 26+ buildings and other individual apartments, this society is considered one of the best habited areas of Mumbai.

Marol has the famous Military Road stretching from the junction of Marol Maroshi road near the Bus Station up to Bamandaya Pada. It has two diversions. One is to the Raj Industrial Estate which is also a connection from the Mittal Industrial Estate off the Andheri-Kurla Road. The other diversion is from Ashok Nagar, Udyan up to Saki-Vihar road. Marol is well-connected from either side and as the Military Road is being developed, further traffic improvements can be expected. The Marol Fire Brigade is at Marol Naka. Marol Village is the home of many Christians, with the St. John the Evangelist Church and it’s high school there.

Travelling from the Bus Station north is Bhawani Nagar, which is a residential area, extending from near Marol Education Academy High School, up the incline, and down to Police Camp. Vijay Nagar is one of the older colonies. It has the L&T societies, a church, a Gurudwara, a Mosque and a few temples are all within a distance of 60 meters. Police Camp is at the end of Marol and is home to the families of people working for the Maharashtra Police. It is mainly the base camp for the State Armed Constabulary.

The oldest housing colony in the area is a group of 11 buildings on Military Road called Blossom Society. The first occupants arrived here in 1968. Opposite to Blossom Society, there is Twin Arcade. It is a commercial complex with lot of offices for travels and tours, and couple of advertising agency.

List of Building in Saifee Park and Adjoining Areas:


  1. Mubarak
  2. Duvairat
  3. Shikkat
  4. Maskan
  5. Gurfat
  6. Mohammedi
  7. Taheri
  8. Burj Burhan
  9. Saifee
  10. Fakhri
  11. Yamani
  12. Masjid Complex


  1. C-Block
  2. Mansoor
  3. Shamikh
  4. Al-Burhan
  5. Qutbi Manzil
  6. B-Block – Old Jamali
  7. Rafea
  8. Fatemi
  9. Safavi
  10. Tashyeed


  1. Maimoon
  2. Gabajiwala
  3. New Taheri
  4. New Jamali
  5. Hatemi
  6. Muffaddal
  7. Burhani
  8. Nafees
Transport And Property:

Marol is a major residential and commercial hub. It also accommodates the Mumbai International Airport and the famous Mumbai Metro. This has made it a favorite commercial destination because of the conveyance of traveling locally and globally. One can match the quality of commercial buildings to the structures in New York or London. Marol is part of the address to major big and small Indian and foreign companies .This part of Mumbai, holds the records for maximum number of five star hotels, maximum number of flyover bridges and maximum number of residents from the aviation industry at one place.

Property business in Marol is also very active. Marol is known for commercial real estate as it is strategically located close to the Western Express Highway and in close proximity to the Western Line Andheri Railway Station, Central Line Ghatkopar Railway Station well connected with Mumbai Metro, and an upcoming underground Metro.

Marol along with MIDC,Saki Naka and Chakala areas of Andheri east are known to be a hub of commercial properties and corporate houses which makes it a hub for Real Estate Market.

Lifestyle in Marol:

Marol is an address to a great number of IT companies and Aviation training Institutes, this place has a good mix of people who are Intellectual and Beautiful. A lot of fresh Software Engineers and Air Hostesses stay in rental apartments in groups.

This keeps Marol very youthful and fresh. With settlers from all over India, this place offers food, clothes and facilities for all likes. The local Municipality makes sure to take care of the security and the hygiene of this important commercial hub of India as a lot of people are temporary settlers or tourists.

There is excellent bus connectivity to all parts of the city of Mumbai from Marol.

Breif History of Marol


Ashara Mubaraka – 1431H

Ashara Mubaraka – 1431H

Commencement of Hasanat High School

Commencement of Hasanat High School – 14th Jumadil – Ula, 1407, 16th Jan, 1987

Saifee Masjid Wakf

In 1987 Saifee Masjid was Waqaf’d, on the auspicious occasion of 75th Milad Celebration of Aqa Mola TUS.

Saifee Foundation hosted Ziyafat ceremony

Saifee Foundation hosted Ziyafat ceremony in 1985 where Aqa Mola TUS bestowed barakaat and Masjid named as ‘Saifee Masjid – Marol’ and colony was named as ‘Saifee Park’.

Anjumane Ezzi Jamaat Committee

For the first time in 1982-83, Anjumane Ezzi Jamaat Committee came into existence.