Umoor al-Sehhat

About Umoor

Health plays a vital role in every individuals

life. A clean environment is integral for the well-being of physical and mental health. Physical health is the precursor to spiritual well-being and helps to maintain both mental and emotional health.

The Umoor al-Sehhat Committee will help in

maintaining all different aspects of a healthy lifestyle, namely – Health, Cleanliness, Environment and Sports.

Some of the responsibilities of the committee in

their respective Mawaze are :

  1. Medical Camps, Health Awareness Programmes, Medical Facilitation
  2. Tree Plantation / Environment Awareness Programmes
  3. Nazafat Programmes
  4. Sports / Tournaments / Buzurgo Tafreeh etc.

Al-Sehhat Team (Marol)

  • Dr. M. MurtazabhaiKothawala
  • Aliasgarbhai Calcuttawala
  • Dr. Taher S Kudrati
  • Dr. Fatema J Najmi
  • Dr. Azeez K Kapasi
  • Dr. Zahabiya Azeez
  • Dr. Shamim Q Ahmedabadwala
  • Dr. Rashida Bhinderwala
  • Dr. Fatema Mamnoon
  • Yusufbhai Rupawala
  • Maryamben Uchwaniwala
  • Arwaben Godhrawala
  • Mustafabhai Khokhar
  • Alefiyaben Mithaiwala
  • Zahraben Manasawala
  • Murtazabhai Khokhar
  • Husainaben Kothambawala (Sanjeliwala)
  • Abdealibhai Ginwala
  • Faridaben Mandsaurwala
  • Nisrinben Savai
  • Khadijaben Gabajiwala
  • Rashidaben Attarwala
  • Yaqutaben Zaranwala
  • Fizzaben Kothawala
  • Raziaben Goryawala
  • Saifuddinbhi Maimoon
  • Mustafabhai Savai

Recent Announcements from Umoor

July 8, 2021

Anjuman E Ezzi Umoor us sehat:-

In view of our hard efforts in Refusing Reducing Re using Recycling plasticWe take immense pleasure in bringing PLASTIC FREE...

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July 7, 2021


Looking at the inability of Booking Slots and Vaccine Shortage at centers and continuous requests from several Mumineen, Anjuman E...

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June 24, 2021

Vaccination Certificate Update

Aqa Moula TUS na Irshadat mutabik sagla Mumeneen si Iltemas che ki jald si jald Vaccine lai le anne

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June 6, 2021

Paid Vaccination Drive in Marol

Anjuman E Ezzi ( Marol ) is planning a paid vaccination drive for all 18+ Mumineens of Marol in Masjid...

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May 30, 2021

Anjuman E Ezzi (MAROL) Nazafat Committee:

Anjuman e Ezzi Nazafat committee Marol has worked efficiently in creating awareness and disposing of plasticHighly appreciate that all mumineen...

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