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Khidmat – E – Hussain

Members of the Dana and other committees from Anjuman-e-Ezzi Marol are doing Khidmat e Hussain in Karbala and Najaf. Members are doing mawaid khidmat by serving food to Zayereen and taking elderly people, at least twice a day, for ziyarat… Read More »Khidmat – E – Hussain

Aadhaar KYC Update Drive

With Aadhaar as an essential identification proof, it is a must to update your KYC information. Umoor Kharejiyah had organised an Aadhar Card and KYC update drive from October 22 onwards in the Saifee Masjid complex. Several Marol mumineen specially… Read More »Aadhaar KYC Update Drive

Marol: 1444H Kunuz Program

On 20 Rabiul Awwal, Saturday, 15 October, Ladies Kunuz (Quiz) League was held in Saifee Masjid Mawaid, Marol, in light of Ashara Mubaraka 1444H Mawaiz Nooraniyah. In this competition, five teams took part. This event was designed around a honeybee… Read More »Marol: 1444H Kunuz Program

Juz Amma Musabaqat

Anjuman – E – Ezzi, Marol organised Juz Amma Musabaqat for Gents. Eleven finalists reached the final round and the winners among them would now compete with the Jamiat winners. The winners in Jamiat round will inshallah get a chance… Read More »Juz Amma Musabaqat

Cycling to Raudat Tahera

The Marol Cycling Club, an initiative of Anjuman-E-Ezzi Jamaat Marol, planned a cycle riding event to Raudat Tahera for October 9, 14mi Rabi-al-Awwal 1444, during the Urus Mubarak of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Moula RA with the Niyat of Tulul Umr… Read More »Cycling to Raudat Tahera

Physio Camp

Are you experiencing discomfort due to an injury, orthopaedic conditions, or issues with your balance and mobility? On Sunday, October 2nd, Saifee Polyclinic hosted a physio camp for the residents of the Marol and the surrounding areas. The objective of… Read More »Physio Camp

Digital Marketing Seminar

Tijaarat Raabehah Marol, under the auspices of Umoor Iqtesadiyah, Marol held a seminar on Saturday, October 1, 2022, on the importance of digital transformation in improving the visibility and credibility of the business.  Mr. Karthik Venkataraman, CEO and Co-Founder of… Read More »Digital Marketing Seminar

World Heart Day

World Heart Day strives to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease, including how to prevent it. Saifee Healthcare at Marol decided to do that by organising a Lipid profile test. The lipid profile measures the fats in the blood and helps… Read More »World Heart Day