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Umoor Iqtesadiyah

About Umoor

Mumineen are encouraged and advised to conduct Tijarat (Business) in accordance to the fundamentals of al Quran al Kareem, Shariat Gharra and Raza of Dai al Zaman (TUS).

Some of the responsibilities of the committee in

their respective Mawaze are :

  1. Business Development, Counselling, Skill Development, Startup Help etc
  2. Home Industries/ Happy Threads, Organizing Expos and Business Seminars
  3. Business Surveys
  4. Qardan Hasanah Tafheem
  5. Qardan Hasanah Collection and Management

Iqtesadiyah Team (Marol)

  • Tijaarat Raabehah
  • Ezzi Qardan Hasana
Tijaarat Raabehah
  • Moiz B.S.Saify (Secretary)
  • M.Murtuzabhai A Haamid (Jt. Secretary)
  • Mustansirbhai Bharmal (Treasurer)
  • Ammarbhai Bhabrawala (Jt. Treasurer)
  • Mohammedbhai Attarwala
  • Taherbhai Babooji
  • Husainbhai Poonawala
  • Muffadalbhai Haffizji
  • Huzefabhai Tinwala
  • Murtuzabhai Arif
  • Aliasgerbhai Hotelwala
  • Mustufabhai Campwala
Ezzi Qardan Hasana
  • Sk. Zakiuddinbhai Bhavnagarwala
  • Sk. Nuruddinbhai Tajir
  • Sk. Abbasbhai Hyderabadwala
  • Sk. Sirajbhai Taskeen
  • Mohammedbhai Bootwala
  • M. Mustafabhai A. Goryawala
  • Yusufbhai M.Abdulhusain Rangwala
  • Tasneemben Rangwala
  • Rashidaben Miyajiwala
  • Shk Mufaddalbhai Vora
  • Shk Qasimbhai Taskeen
  • Shk Husainbhai Gandhi
  • Muffadal bhai Rampurawala
  • Husainbhai Ladla
  • Taiyebbhai Lakdawala
  • Fatemaben Rangwala
  • Nafisaben Bhanpurawala
  • Nisrinben Savai
  • Shirinben Diwan
  • Rashidaben Chulawala
  • Raziyaben Goryawala

Recent Announcements from Umoor

December 10, 2021


May 10, 2021

My Business – in the light of Shariat

Salaam Jameel, Idaarah al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah is conducting a 30min series of webinars ~ My Business - in the light of...

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May 7, 2021

Qardan Hasana – Mohammedi Scheme

Salaam Jameel,Aaje Shehrullah ni 26mi tarikh, Aakhir Jomoah che.Sagla mumineen Qardan Hasana - Mohammedi Scheme ma potana gharo ma shaamil...

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April 28, 2021

Get yourself registered on DBohra

DBohra aims at connecting Businessman from all over the world to global opportunities irrespective of whatever line of business they...

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April 27, 2021

Partnership Shariat

Huzuraala TUS farmawe che:“Partnership Shariat na qanoon muwafiq hoi” Je sagla Mumineen:•Partnership ma vepaar karta hoi•Koi na sathey Investments ma...

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April 23, 2021

Qardan Hasana: Husain Scheme Niyat

Baad Salaam e Jameel, Shehrullah il Moazzam na mubarak mahina maSagla mumineen Qardan Hasana ni Husain Scheme ma Shamil thawa...

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