Looking at the inability of Booking Slots and Vaccine Shortage at centers and continuous requests from several Mumineen, Anjuman E Ezzi (Marol) is organizing a Paid Vaccination Drive (1st Dose, COVISHIELD only) at a Special Discounted Rate of 650/- at a center near or around ANDHERI.
Interested Mumineen’s are requested to Register with our Marol Vaccination Helpdesk (TNC Container) by Paying cash Rs650/- in advance between 10:30am to 12:30pm or 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Registration is available ONLY for Marol Jamaat File holders and for 1st 100 members on first come first serve basis.
Please Note: Registration will be open only for 3 days ( 7th/8th/9th July ) and will be confirmed only after making the payment of the charges.

Doses will be available next week and registered members would be intimated a day before their allocated slots.
For further Queries Marol Vaccination Helpdesk can be contacted on +918689862152 via Whatsapp