Anjuman E Ezzi Umoor us sehat:-

In view of our hard efforts in Refusing Reducing Re using Recycling plastic
We take immense pleasure in bringing PLASTIC FREE Clean up liquids of best quality(Detergents Dish washers hand wash floor cleaners etc) at your door step in our own area

Fully mechanised refillable liquid soaps detergents in beautiful REUSABLE METALLIC bottles .

Herbal and Organic Eco friendly cleaning solutions also at very reasonable rates

On 10th July Saturday
11AM to 2PM

The Refillable will be at Saifee Park

Contact for any queries

Let’s avoid or reduce plastics
Let’s come together & give it a try
Let’s make the lands glowing & happy
Let’s make the oceans smile & sigh
Let’s be the change for the goodness above
Let’s drench in the blessings from the sky