Revision Asbaaq in Marol

Mumineen all over the world are attaining the barakat of Ilm of Ale MohammedSA  by attending asbaaq in their respective mawaze.

This year Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin MaulaTUS has bestowed on us the barakaat of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah by giving the imtehaan of Al Nisaab Al Awwal in Rajabul Asab 1441.

Mumeneen who have previously attended Daaimul Islaam / Shehrul Akhbaar asbaaq have been granted Raza to attend this Imtehaan in their mawaze.

You can attend the revision Asbaaq in Marol. 
Time: 9.30 pm
Venue: Marol Masjid Sehen AC Ramp
Days: Every Monday, Thursday, Saturday (starting from 10th Feb, Last Sabaq on 24th Feb) Har Sabaq ma list na mutaabiq alag topics hase